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It is recommended by the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps , HETAS and the Fire Service that you get your solid fuel open fire, oil /gas fire, or multifuel stove's chimney / flue swept at least once a year.

If you have just moved in to a new house you should arrange a chimney sweep before you use the fire. 
How often should you sweep your chimney? Read our simple guide.

Looking for a Chimney Sweep?

Avoid a chimney fire, call your chimney sweep!

Whether you burn oil, gas, wood, coal or biomass, your chimney needs regular cleaning in order to burn efficiently and economically. It is crucial to avoid the build up of soot and creosote, seen here in the photos, that can cause a dangerous and costly chimney fire and lethal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Make sure that you are burning seasoned wood, that has dried out for a minimum of 1 year and note that different types of trees take even longer to dry out. For more information check out the frequently asked questions on our sister site GTD Installations Ltd

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From chimney capping to jackdaw removal to open fire installations. Take a look at the varied work we have completed in the last few years

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It is important to get your chimney swept at least once a year if you regularly use your fire, and more often if you are a regular user. If you are unsure when the chimney was least swept; be safe and call an experienced sweep straight away.

We have been sweeping chimneys since 1991 and will supply you with a certficate of sweeping along with your receipt. HETAS certificates are also offered.

It doesn't matter if you have a woodburner, multifuel stove, an AGA range, oil, gas or open fire or have a twin-wall flue rather than a chimney, it still needs to be regularly swept.
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Its the season for a chimney sweep

Chimney Sweeping News - AUTUMN

Its starting to get cold now and soon will be too wet or icy to get on your roof to fit cowls or bird guards, and consequently more expensive so book us in soon if you need one. If you didn't get your chimney swept in Summer, then now is a good time to book in so that you are ready to light the fire when it gets cold.

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Chimney Sweeping News - WINTER

Its a busy time for sweeping now, don't panic however, you can book online for this year and also for next Summer so that you can avoid the rush next Winter. Its also an expensive time of year if you are thinking of installing a logburner, wait until the new year if you can!

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Chimney Sweeping
News - SUMMER!

Summer is here but Autumn is
approaching fast.

You will probably want to start using your fir earlier this year to avoid those high heating bills so its time to get your chimney swept so you can be sure that  can be sure it's in good working order when you come to use it again in Autumn.


Prices are going up in October, due to the rising cost of fuel, so book early to avoid disappointment


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Chimney Sweeping News - SPRING

Its now nesting time, so keep an eye on your chimney if you do not have a birdguard fitted as our fluffy friends like to build their homes in them. Its also time to get your chimney and roof checked out incase they need any maintenance or repairs

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Cowl blocked with creosote tar

Chimney Sweeping
News - autumn

It's getting wetter and colder and
our HETAS engineer recommends 
your open fire, wood or multi-fuel burner flue is cleaned before you start using it (if you forgot to sweep it in Summer).

Your stove needs a good hoover and the glass cleaning which we will do as part of your sweep.

We are getting really busy so if you can't find a weekday appointment, don't forget we offer breakfast-time, tea-time and weekend sweeps.


Remember that burning poor quality coal and un-seasoned wood is bad for your appliance as well as your health if the smoke is inhaled.

If you need good quality logs or coal then see who we recommend locally

HETAS approved chimney sweep
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HETAS approved chimney sweep
Solid deposit of crystalised tar created from soot whilst in chimney

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